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Little Known Facts About the Bruce Peninsula

- October 7, 2017 -

The Bruce Peninsula is one of the most breathtaking areas of Ontario. Known for the diverse aquatic life of the Fathom Five National Marine Park and the winding scenic beauty of the Bruce Trail, this historically rich area is unique…

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Seriously Winter, bye!

- April 12, 2016 -

Time for Winter to pack it up, head wherever it goes for it’s yearly 7, 8 month long vacation!  We are looking forward now to Spring, Summer and Fall, and all the lovely sunny days that are coming.  Dream a little dream…

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Goodbye Summer… for now!

- October 28, 2015 -

It has been another wonderful summer full of amazing customers (thank you!) and an amazing team (thank you!).  It will be Spring again before you know it, and we are looking forward to re-opening our motel, cottages and cruises in…

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